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VIP card

VIP card product description:
The VIP card, also called VIP membership card, is an advanced identification card and a consumer service card. Made of PVC material, it can be divided into smooth card, matte card, sanding card, etc. according to the type of card. The card surface can be attached with barcode, personality code, flat code, magnetic strip, anti-counterfeit label and other processes.

Standard VIP card size standard:
The standard VIP card size is 85.5*54. This size is an international standard. Bank credit cards, debit cards, etc. are all made with reference to this size. The equipment for making VIP cards is also designed according to the size of this VIP card, so the standard VIP card size is very widely used. The place where the VIP card is used is the size of this VIP card.

Use of VIP card:
In the application of VIP cards, merchants generally use the point system to encourage customers to make secondary purchases, and the other is to provide different discounts to customers who hold VIP cards of different classes. Merchants can also customize the level according to customer spending habits. VIP cards can have regular VIP cards, gold VIP cards, platinum VIP cards, etc., and its use is very extensive. Mostly used in shopping malls, clothing stores and other services in various industries. The VIP card can promote the company’s image. It can print the logo or pattern of the company. It is an ideal carrier for the company to carry out advertising. At the same time, the issuance of VIP cards can also play a role in attracting new customers, retaining old customers, enhancing customer loyalty, and achieving functions such as discounts and points. It is a feasible way to increase profits.

Post time: Jul-27-2019

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