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Smart Wristband

The construction of the smart wristband:
The main body of the smart wristband is made of rubber material. The material is natural and non-toxic. The design is high-grade and fashionable. It not only has the function of sports health secretary, but also has the function of fashion accessories. There are many colors to choose from. Very suitable for wearing, the smart bracelet has a built-in battery with a long battery life, a motor and a motion-sensing accelerometer.

The function of the smart wristband:
The design style and function of the smart wristband is very tempting and practical for users who are used to wearing jewelry. Speaking of the function of the smart wristband, it is necessary to talk about it. At present, it has many functions. For example, it can be a pedometer, with a general step counter of a common pedometer, and can measure distance, calories, Fat and other functions, some also have special functions such as sleep monitoring, high-grade waterproof, Bluetooth data transmission, reminder reminder and so on.

Post time: Aug-14-2019

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