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RFID Laundry Labels

Advantages of RFID laundry labels
RFID laundry tags can solve efficiency problems. Assume that each piece of cloth that needs to be cleaned is added to the RFID laundry label. When the cloth with the RFID laundry label is passed through the assembly line, the reader will automatically recognize the information in the label and quickly understand the type of cloth being identified and the need. Where to send it. Therefore, the use of RFID tags can free up the manual sorting time, quickly send the linen to the next laundry program, replacing the traditional manual resolution of bar code or distinguishing work, greatly improving efficiency.

RFID laundry labels can also predict the life of linen
In addition, since the RFID tag sewn into the cloth will record the information of the cloth, the system can clearly record the number of times of cleaning each cloth, and the RFID laundry label is washable, dry-cleaned, acid-resistant, and resistant to bending. The folding features can be repeated; it can also withstand high temperature ironing. When the system shows that the number of linen cleaning is close to the end, the washing company can promptly propose an old linen ordering plan for the hotel to help the company to carry out the maintenance service.

RFID laundry label can increase inventory management and theft management
Using the RFID laundry label linen, you can use RFID readers to inventory inventory, to understand the inventory of linen, monitor the use of linen, solve the mistakes caused by manual management, and improve the efficiency of management. Once the linen is found to be lost, you can find out the details of the lost linen through the label information, including the department, type, responsibility, etc., which is convenient and fast.

Market development of RFID laundry labels
At present, hotels, hospitals and washing companies deal with thousands of pieces of work clothes, linen washing and management work every year. How to effectively track and manage the washing process of each piece of cloth is a matter worth exploring. This problem has been solved. With the introduction of RFID radio frequency identification technology, the RFID laundry label makes the laundry management transparent, greatly improving the work efficiency and solving the previous management restrictions.





Post time: Oct-12-2019

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