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PVC Plastic Card

PVC plastic cards are low cost, easy to use and easy to manage. PVC is a light and thin plastic material. Cards made of PVC have a wide range of applications and are usually very easy to see. Shopping cards such as supermarkets, membership cards, bank debit cards, membership cards, etc. is mostly making of PVC material. Made of plastic cards.

PVC plastic cards can be made into different processes according to different user needs, such as sanding, bronzing, metal labeling and other processes. Meet the visual and functional needs of different customizations.

In addition, the chip can be embedded in the PVC plastic card, which makes the PVC card have the data storage function, so as to meet the application needs of different industries and fields. For example, a scratch card like a daily contact is a coating of a layer of letters and passwords on a PVC plastic card, and enhances the anti-counterfeiting performance to ensure data security.



Post time: Oct-25-2019

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