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PVC Member Card

A membership card refers to an identification card that is used for membership certification in all shopping venues such as shopping malls, hotels, and fitness centers. An identification card can be used wherever identification is involved. The PVC membership card is a card made of PVC material. PVC is a lightweight, waterproof and high temperature resistant polyethylene material.

The role of PVC membership card
Membership card is a popular service management system. It can improve the customer’s return rate and increase the possibility of secondary consumption. A membership card issued by a company is equal to a business card. The membership card usually has a company logo to promote the company image. It is also a way for companies to advertise. In addition, the membership card has a variety of functions, can achieve various functions such as discounts and points, and is a way to increase efficiency.

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet era, the phenomenon of online shopping has spread to all regions. The membership card is not only used for physical store consumption, but many online stores also use the form of membership card, which also attracts many online shopping users. The membership card is accompanied by consumption details, prepaid details, membership statistics, SMS reminders such as summary of amount of money.





Post time: Nov-01-2019

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