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Contactless Card

Features of contactless cards:
The contactless card is a radio frequency card, and the chip and antenna of the contactless card are not exposed. This is a new technology developed in recent years, which solves the problem of no power supply in the card. In detail, the advantages of the contactless card are mainly in the following aspects:
1. The contactless card is easy to use. Because the contactless card does not come into contact with the reader, this avoids the problems caused by the contact. In addition, the non-contact card surface mentioned above has no exposed chip, so there is no need to worry about chip falling off, static electricity, etc., and the convenience of use of the card is improved. In addition, the reading and writing of the contactless card can be performed in a short range, and the card can be inserted without any trouble, and the card can be read and written at will, and the reading and writing speed can be improved.
2. Contactless cards are also very conflict-proof. Multiple cards can be read at the same time to prevent data interference between cards and improve running speed.
3. The card has good encryption performance. Because the serial number of the contactless card is unique, it cannot be changed and has high security. Therefore, it can be used in a wide range of applications, such as payment management, automatic toll collection systems and other areas can be used for contactless cards.



Post time: Sep-20-2019

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