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  • PVC Member Card

    A membership card refers to an identification card that is used for membership certification in all shopping venues such as shopping malls, hotels, and fitness centers. An identification card can be used wherever identification is involved. The PVC membership card is a card made of PVC material. ...
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  • PVC Plastic Card

    PVC plastic cards are low cost, easy to use and easy to manage. PVC is a light and thin plastic material. Cards made of PVC have a wide range of applications and are usually very easy to see. Shopping cards such as supermarkets, membership cards, bank debit cards, membership cards, etc. is mostly...
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  • Smart Bracelet

    The bracelet is the most commonly used accessory for everyday wear, so it is not only the most favorite accessory for women, but also the object that many men can’t live without. With the development of intelligence, many people in the technology have integrated technology into the bracelet...
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  • RFID Laundry Labels

    Advantages of RFID laundry labels RFID laundry tags can solve efficiency problems. Assume that each piece of cloth that needs to be cleaned is added to the RFID laundry label. When the cloth with the RFID laundry label is passed through the assembly line, the reader will automatically recognize t...
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  • Fitness Wristban

    The fitness wristband is a wristband that is worn during exercise and can record relevant fitness data and body indicators. The wristband is usually a curved display with a rubber strap for increased wearer comfort. . The wristband is also waterproof and sweat resistant. The fitness wristband tra...
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  • Contactless Card

    Features of contactless cards: The contactless card is a radio frequency card, and the chip and antenna of the contactless card are not exposed. This is a new technology developed in recent years, which solves the problem of no power supply in the card. In detail, the advantages of the contactles...
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  • Membership Card

    The role of the membership card: The membership card is an ordinary identification card used in a place of consumption, including membership certification in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, gyms, hairdressers, and the like. Usually membership cards have the function of points and discounts....
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  • Chip Card

    Chip card features: The chip card is also an IC card, mainly a card that is a transaction medium. The chip card can be applied to various industries such as finance, transportation, communication, commerce, tourism, etc., and realizes the function of one card. The chip card is characterized by se...
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  • VIP Card

    VIP card features: VIP cards are mainly used in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and other service areas. The role of VIP cards is mainly to improve customer loyalty to the company, so to adopt such a service model, generally a VIP card in a certain field is a card set up for the highest service...
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  • PVC Name Card

    Introduction of PVC name cards: PVC name card mainly uses vinyl material and uses screen printing technology to produce a special business card. The material of the PVC name card is transparent. In general, PVC name cards are a more atmospheric business card, which is suitable for business and pe...
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  • Smart Wristband

    The construction of the smart wristband: The main body of the smart wristband is made of rubber material. The material is natural and non-toxic. The design is high-grade and fashionable. It not only has the function of sports health secretary, but also has the function of fashion accessories. The...
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  • PVC Plastic Sheet

    PVC plastic sheet introduction: PVC plastic sheet products are generally gray and white, and can also produce colored hard boards. PVC plastic sheets have good chemical stability, and they have corrosion resistance, hardness and strength, UV protection and flame retardancy. Its surface is smooth ...
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  • RFID Card

    RFID card description: RFID is the collective name of the radio frequency technology system, and the RFID card is the radio frequency card. The radio frequency card is the chip card containing the frequency induction. The card contains the IC or ID chip. Currently, the cards appearing on the mark...
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  • VIP card

    VIP card product description: The VIP card, also called VIP membership card, is an advanced identification card and a consumer service card. Made of PVC material, it can be divided into smooth card, matte card, sanding card, etc. according to the type of card. The card surface can be attached wit...
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    Siemens is extending its range of Simatic RF600 ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) devices to include an RFID reader. The Simatic RF615R measures 133 millimeters by 155 millimeters by 45 millimeters, and comes with an internal, circularly polarized antenna and an additional external antenna connection. Us...
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  • Is RFID Technology Secure and Private?

    Is RFID Technology Secure and Private?

    Unfortunately, not very often in the systems to which consumers are likely to be exposed. Anyone with an appropriately equipped scanner and close access to the RFID device can activate it and read its contents. Obviously, some concerns are greater than others. If someone walks by your bag of book...
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  • How RFID Works

    How RFID Works

    How does RFID work? A Radio-Frequency IDentification system has three parts: A scanning antenna A transceiver with a decoder to interpret the data A transponder – the RFID tag – that has been programmed with information. The scanning antenna puts out radio-frequency signals in a rel...
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  • What is RFID?

    What is RFID?

    RFID stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna. The chip typically is capable of carrying 2,000 bytes of data or less. The RFID device serves the same purpose as a bar code or a magnetic strip on the back ...
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