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mu bayar da Fashion Kaya a rangwame farashin

Kazalika da high zuba jari a samar da hardware, mun mayar da hankali a kan sha'anin management. Tare da EPR management da kuma 7 fara misali, muna da wani babban ingantaccen aiki tawagar 200 ma'aikata. Yanzu mun samu Production lasisi, ISO 90001, hadedde kewaye takardar shaidar daga gwamnati.

PVC Member Card

A membership card refers to an identification card that is used for membership certification in all shopping venues such as shopping malls, hotels, and fitness centers. An identification card can be used wherever identification is involved. The PVC membership card is a card made of PVC material. ...

PVC Plastic Card

PVC plastic cards are low cost, easy to use and easy to manage. PVC is a light and thin plastic material. Cards made of PVC have a wide range of applications and are usually very easy to see. Shopping cards such as supermarkets, membership cards, bank debit cards, membership cards, etc. is mostly...

Smart Munduwa

The bracelet is the most commonly used accessory for everyday wear, so it is not only the most favorite accessory for women, but also the object that many men can’t live without. With the development of intelligence, many people in the technology have integrated technology into the bracelet...

RFID Laundry Labels

Advantages of RFID laundry labels RFID laundry tags can solve efficiency problems. Assume that each piece of cloth that needs to be cleaned is added to the RFID laundry label. When the cloth with the RFID laundry label is passed through the assembly line, the reader will automatically recognize t...

Fitness Wristban

The fitness wristband is a wristband that is worn during exercise and can record relevant fitness data and body indicators. The wristband is usually a curved display with a rubber strap for increased wearer comfort. . The wristband is also waterproof and sweat resistant. The fitness wristband tra...
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